14 Tips to Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Tip #1
Don't wait till the last minute

1903h5018 I think most of us wait until the last minute to buy flowers, candy and stuffed animals for our loved one on Valentines day. Guys, be the exception this Valentine's Day, which falls on a Monday,  and put your heart into it by sending her Romance Roses to her office to set the mood. If you are still unsure what you should get her for Valentines (even after our Valentines Countdown), we recommend getting her an iPod loaded with iTunes Essentials. No dinner reservations? Prepare a delicious candlelit dinner for two in the privacy of your home, go to cooking.com for Thai food Recipes. Top the evening off with a delicious box of chocolate covered strawberries, a bottle of wine, and sit back and enjoy the rest of evening.  We guarantee you she will be dazzled!

Sexy Treat for Him

Valentines Day Tip #2
Take His breath Away

9389malPlay hookey and whisk your Valentine away for a day of indulgence. Start the afternoon with a trip to a his and hers day spa.  Next take him back to your place to tease him with an intimitate modeling show with lingerie from Bare Necessities , to get his heart racing.  Treat him to a romantic dinner, at his favorite restaurant (better make reservations now). Followed by a walk under the stars, then head back to your place and pop open a bottle of wine from 800wine.com . We'll leave the rest of the night to your imagination.

Sexy lingerie and sleepwear at Bare Necessities

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Bag Borrow or Steal

Valentines Day Tip#3
For the Fashionista in HerBagborroworsteal
We could not wait to tell you about this idea! If your lady loves her designer handbags more than jewelry, flowers or chocolate, we found the perfect Valentine's gift for her,....a  membership to Bag Borrow or Steal ! Basically, your beautiful diva can sport every must have designer bag from Versace, Kate Spade, Coach, Dooney and Burke and more. If this doesn't mean anything to you, don't worry, it does to her. We love the idea of borrowing these designer bags for as long as you want, then return them and get a new bag. If you decide not to return the bag, you just pay for it. They have three levels of membership: Diva, Princess and Trendsetter. This Valentine's, give her a gift that she can brag about, and believe me, she will love you for it.

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Still a Girls Best Friend

Valentines Tip #4
Say it with Diamonds!

They say gadgets are replacing a girl's best friend, but we are going to have to disagree with that. This Valentine's day suprise her with the perfect diamond jewelry gift from Diamonds International. Dazzle her with gift she will be able to pass on to future generations and will stand the test of time, like your love for her.

. Val Day Banner 2005

20% off for Valentines Day at Diamonds International!

Single on Valentines Day?

Valentines Day Tip #5
Single on Valentines?

1760h0008 Celebrate this Valentines Day with other Singles. Visit Lava Life to meet other singles in an easy, fun and fast enviroment. With over 5 million reistered members, this community is divided into three sections Dating, Relationship and Intimate Encounters to manage your online experience and help you find what you are looking for.  You can connect with other singles through instant messaging, email and coming soon...audio and video messaging.  Are you ready to take a chance on love? Then join the LavaLife community where singles click. 

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iTunes Love Songs

Valentines Day Tip #6 
iTunes Valentines Day Essentials

0794h0020 One perfect way to snuggle up with your loved one this Valentine's Day is to light a fire, open a bottle of wine, grab that fur blanket and listen to this compilation put together by iTunes. The iTunes Valentine's Soundtrack by Artists like Nat King Cole, Eric Clapton, Sade, and many other artists, is guaranteed to fill up the night with romantic love songs, and make this Valentines Day very special.

Note: In order to purchase a song, album or audiobook on iTunes, you must have downloaded the iTunes software, which is available for free for PC or Mac.

My Online Love Diary

Valentines Day Tip #7:
Blog for your love

0244h0012 Looking for an inexpensive ways to impress your Valentine this holiday?  We have the perfect idea for you. Get them a Valentines Blog. These days, blogs are super popular (23,000 blogs start every day), and some are very inexpensive or free. You can also buy him/her their own domain name,like their name, nickname or a simple "I Love (insert name). You can also post pictures of your relationship, a poem, maybe even a movie or your iPod photo.  You can totally impress your loved one with your techie savviness, and it will be a gift they can brag about.

iPod my Valentines

Valentines Day Tip#8:
Ipod my Valentines Photo
Valentines Transform your photos into a colorful and exciting iPod ad. iPod My Photos will customize any photo and print it on t-Shirts, greeting Cards and more. You can iPodify your favorite photo of you and your Valentine for only $19.99, and a professional artist can have it to you within 5 days. We thought we should give this a mention for you iPod lovers who can't get enough iPod stuff.

Geeky Wear for Valentines

Valentines Day Tip #9:
Geeky Love for your Man/Woman
389bgpinkazalea Does your man speak geek?  This Valentine's day speak his language with these adorable Valentines Day geek wear from Think Geek.  Baby doll T-Shirts with messages like "I Love My Geek" or "GeeKISSexy".  The cutest shirt that will get a few chuckles, I have to say is the "Geek Poem Shirt", with some hex and the "All My Base Are Belong To You" internet geek lore.

Feeling a bit GEEK Sexy? Check out HTTPanties  and Password Boyshorts that will send a clear message to your geeky love. 

Indulge your senses

Valentine's Day Tip #10:
Take your Valentines on an Adventure

1132 Have you always wanted to race a Ferrari, free fall over the Monterey peninsula, see the world drift below from a Hot Air Ballon or spend a day at a luxurious spa? If you live in California, Florida, NYC or Utah, check out xperience days for some adventurous trips for you and your sweetheart.  They are are a bit pricey, but the impression of a great day will last forever. It's sure your sweetheart will love it.

Operation Valentine's Day Hunt

Valentine's Day Tip #11:
Find a Hard to get Collectible!Vtbear_1832_3256497 

Is your Valentine a Collector? Some people like to collect teddy bears, action figures, celebrity memorabilia, comic books, etc. So this Valentine's day, share in the collectible craze or start one for your Valentine.

Remember Ty Beanie Babies? These adorable stuffed animals were the hottest collectible in the late 90's. They were inexpensive toys children could afford, but eventually became so popular, that some of the rare or retired bears were going for $5,000+.

Just to give you a heads up, there is a hunt for the "Crazy for You" teddy bear from the Vermont Bear Company.  This controversial teddy bear is currently sold out despite protest from Mental Health Advocates. The "Crazy for You" teddy bear sells for $69.99,  and comes with a “Commitment Report” stating “Can’t Eat, Can’t Sleep, My Heart’s Racing. Diagnosis – Crazy for You!”.

Need some help? Check out our Sponsors for more Valentine's Day Ideas.

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Reconnect with old Friends!

1369h0065 Valentine's Day Tip #12:
Reconnect with old Friends

This Valentine's day reconnect with old friends. Remember your high school peers, boy crushes, school trips, and prom nights?  I miss the days when the only responsibility you had, was to do your homework or show up for tennis practice.  Back then the possibilities of your future made you dizzy, and you always had those few friends that would lend an ear, and share in your dreams and hopes. Ever wonder what ever happened to them? Did they ever accomplish their goals? Are they still in town, or are they in Hollywood persuing their dream of being a movie star? This Valentine's Day, make an effort to reconnect with your old friends. Find your high school friends at Reunion.com, here you can search their database, and membership is free.  Other places you can search are Classmates.com and Alumni.net. So if you are single, don't worry about looking for love, instead reconnect and reminisce with that old "pal", you never know, sparks may start flying again.

Reconnect and Keep in Touch for Life!

Thank a Soldier this Valentines!

3763 Valentine's Day Tip #13:
Thank a Soldier, Marine, Seaman, or Airman !

We found this interesting Legend on The Good Saint Valentine. According to this legend, married men did not make good soldiers so the Emperor ordered any priest that that would marry a young couple, be put to death. St Valentine disobeyed this order, and died in a dungeon on February 14. 

We thought this story, although a bit somber, was appropriate for today's Valentine's Countdown.  The reality is that many people have scarified their lives so others could enjoy many freedoms, including the freedom to love and marry. 

This Valentine's Day, think about the service members that are away in Iraq or the ones that have lost their lives as a sacrifice. We found a story on a young soldier, Michael J Smith (Wolfmoon98) who lost his life last month, and left a young widow, family and friends. It is a very sad story, and many people like him are dying everyday in this War or leaving their loved ones behind to go to War.

So this Valentine's Day, we encourage you to do a search on the Internet, and find a way to send someone a little something, whether it's a card, a magazine, a video game, or a care package, let them know how much you appreciate them  for protecting our country.

I served the Marine Corps from 1996-2000, and believe me, it's very exciting to receive goodies in the mail, especially when you are away from home. You can contact USO Cares, and sponsor a care package with a donation of $25. And to those reading this entry, who are currently serving or have served our nation: Thank you for your Sacrifice! Happy Valentine's Day! Our prayers are with all of you!

Name a Star after your Valentine!

Valentine's Day Tip #14:
Name a Star after your Valentine!

Cupid_starsWe are starting our "Valentines Day Countdown: 14 day Guide to Valentine Gifts" with a super nifty idea:
Register a star for your loved one!   International Star Registry, has been naming stars since 1979, and their list includes celebrities, dignitaries and individuals worldwide.  The names are then printed in the US Copyrighted book "Your Place in the Cosmos", which includes the names of stars recorded worldwide.

"Because these star names are copyrighted with their telescopic coordinates in the book, "Your Place in the Cosmos," future generations may identify the star name in the directory and, using a telescope, locate the actual star in the sky."

So, if you want to make this Valentines memorable, register a star for your Valentine, and make it an unforgettable gift that will really last forever.

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